North Scottsdale’s Off Track Betting (OTB) Headquarters

Are you looking for bars with OTB in Scottsdale? Instead of searching around the internet for off track betting near me or OTB bars in Scottsdale and ending up at a hole-in-the-wall, do yourself a favor and come in and check out our new setup! We recently added Off Track Betting to the list of fun things you can do at K O’Donnell’s. Plus, it’s available 7 days a week!

Off Track Betting at K O'Donnell's Sports Bar in Scottsdale

Are you a fan of horse racing? Then you’re in luck! Whether you’re wagering $2 on the horse with the funniest name or if you take it a little more seriously, we’ve got the perfect setup to watch the race! With TVs all throughout the bar and restaurant, great food and drinks, and a friendly staff who loves a good horse race, you don’t want to go anywhere else.


What is Off Track Betting(OTB)?

Off Track Betting (OTB), also known as Off Track Wagering, is essentially sanctioned wagering (or betting) on horse racing away from a race track. The races are broadcasted to KO’s via an encrypted live signal from Turf Paradise meaning they are always live events. There is an OTB representative and wagering machines on site where you an place your bets. Once you place your bet, you will be given a ticket that displays your wager. Once the race is over and has been declared official, you can redeem your winning ticket. Come in a give it a try. Don’t forget to wager responsibly!


How K O’Donnell’s Sports Bar & Grill Does Off Track Betting:

First off, you should know that we are a full service bar and restaurant with a menu that includes award-winning food, specialty cocktails, local & craft beers, and we offer a welcoming environment to all! We are not a dive bar with a few TVs, a limited food menu, and canned beers. So whether you’re looking to grab lunch and catch a few races or make an entire day out of it, we’ve got what you need!

○ We are the only place that opens at 10 AM on Saturdays and Sundays for all you fans that like to play the East Coast races

and 11 AM during the week! With our setup, you can watch up to 6 races at once!

○ We have a dedicated OTB representative(provided by Turf Paradise) on site at all times to handle bets and payments.

Our OTB representative has a designated area in our game room.

○ We have voucher machines on site that will also accept bets.

○ We have 12 TVs that are capable of showing your favorite horse races available for OTB.

○ We offer sound boxes so you can HEAR the horse race you’re watching and experience the full excitement of the moment!

○ We offer both indoor and outdoor seating with views of the Off Track Betting TVs! That means you can enjoy the weather

and/or a cigar while you watch your races! (Don’t worry, we have the ‘Coolest Patio in Scottsdale’ with our brand new Coors Light Cold Zone misting system for those hot summer days)

○ We DO NOT make a profit from your bets. Ever. Please bet responsibly.


Looking For An Off Track Betting Schedule?

This link will have all the available OTB horse races and times for each: OTB Schedule


Our Daily Food and Drink Specials:

Monday – $4 Tito’s Handmade Vodka, $1.50 off craft beers (bottles or drafts), $1 off cigars, and 50% off medium/large pizzas

Tuesday – $3 Modelo Especials, $3 house margaritas, $5 El Jimador margaritas, $6 Luna Plata or Luna or Reposado tequila, and 3 for $5 street tacos (available after 5pm). Poker starts at 6pm!

Wednesday -$5 Crown Royal or Maker’s Mark, $4 Jim Beam, Jameson, Jack Daniels, or Jack Fire whiskeys

Thursday – $3 Kilt Lifters, $3 Killian’s Irish Reds, and Ladies Night specials. Poker starts at 7pm!

Friday -$4 Guinness or ‘Baby’ Guinness Shots

Bet on Brunch (Saturdays & Sundays starting at 10am)
Saturday – Brunch available until 2pm, $4 Stoli vodka. Poker starts at 7pm!

Sunday – Brunch available until 2pm, $4 Lagunitas IPA, and 50% off medium/large pizzas (after 5pm)


Upcoming Horse Racing Events: (TBD)

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